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  Arrow 3 Media Release 14 May 1999

ESTec's Managment Tours Japan, Taiwan and Singapore

EDMONTON - Anthony B. Nelson, ESTec President, has returned from a weeklong lecture tour of Japan and Taiwan, where he lectured on computer network security and demonstrated ESTec's products to a wide range of prospective clients. Mr. Nelson gave seminars on "log-in analysis" at the Toslove Akasaka to 200 information managers and specialists from leading Japanese government and business organizations.

His presentations covered the latest trends in web-server logs, computer and firewall log analysis and mail-server log security. ESTec's new DEWNews alert services were highlighted, as were ESTec's security audits.

ESTec's Japanese partners at Asgent Corporation (Tokyo) arranged the meetings. Mr. Nelson also visited Kaohsiung in Taiwan, where he was the guest of ESTec's Taiwan associate, Mr. Joe Huang of SIT.

Mr. David Downey was in Singapore making similar presentations about ESTec's services and products to a wide range of industry representatives.

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