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  Arrow 3 Media Release 17 August 1999

ESTec Systems Information Specialist travels the world

In July , Anthony Nelson, President of ESTec, was called to Chicago by MIS Training Institute to lecture to information security specialists from 25 major American corporations on the importance of firewalls to network security. The firewall insulates and protects the internal network of computers from external, unauthorized users. It is a key component in network safety and is especially crucial to firms negotiating their way on the Internet.

In April he was in Tokyo, lecturing on methods of auditing the records of user log-ons. The audience was 192 information specialists from Japanese organizations.

The lecture in Tokyo allowed time for close cooperation with our Japanese associates in software design, Asgent.

Both groups represent potential subscribers to our DEW News alert service and clients for our software. The MIS talks in Chicago marked Mr. Nelson's 5th year working as senior lecturer for MIS. During that time, he has lectured to hundreds of students on more than 2 dozen occasions. Continuing education is a feature of ESTec's security work.

There will be more about the software and our alert service, DEW News, in the next few days.

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