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  Arrow 3 Media Release 8 January 1997

ESTec Buys Engineering Company

ESTec Systems Corp. ("ESTec") and Allan R. Nelson Engineering Ltd.. ("ARNE") are pleased to announce a share purchase of Allan Nelson Engineering 1997 Inc. ("ARNE 1997").

ARNE currently owns 32% of the outstanding common shares of ESTec and the primary shareholders of ARNE, Allan R. Nelson and Margaret H. Nelson, also hold a further 15% of ESTec's issued and outstanding common shares.

Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc. has provided engineering services to the Mining, Construction, and Petroleum Industries since 1966, in drilling rig design and construction, heavy equipment design, mining equipment repair and appraisal, general machinery design, and insurance investigation and appraisal.
.For ESTec, this acquisition will help expansion of the Information Technology side of its business. The improved financial position and ownership of a reliable cash generating asset will facilitate ESTec's plans to expand.

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