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  Arrow 3 Media Release 2 October 2002

ESTec completes first rental contract for new 150iH IntegraLine Top Drive

ESTec's Top Drive performs remarkably, improving drilling speed by 24% to 40%

ESTec Systems Corp. (TSX Venture: ESE, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, ESTec Oilfield Inc., has successfully completed its first rental contract for the IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive.

The top drive, which was rented by Oklahoma-based drilling contractor SunStone Energy Company, produced exceptional results, generating a 24% to 40% improvement in drilling speed for the rig.

The top drive has been returned to ESTec's Edmonton facilities where it will be inspected, cleaned, and made available for the next rental contract. Based on high demand for the IntegraLine rental units, the Company does not anticipate any significant delays before the top drive is returned to the field for the next drilling project.

"We are extremely pleased with the results of our first rental contract," said Mr. Anthony Nelson, President and CEO of ESTec Systems. "Once again, our top drive has clearly demonstrated its capacity to improve drilling efficiency, while lowering operational costs. In fact, SunStone was so impressed with our product that they have asked to become a non-exclusive marketing representative for our Top Drive. As a result, we have established a marketing partnership that will enable us to gain exposure to SunStone's large network of drilling contractors."

SunStone's first hole on this project did not produce oil and, as a result, the leaseholder has opted not to continue the drilling program for the remaining nine holes. They will instead conduct a new seismic survey on the area in order to re-evaluate the project's potential.

About the IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive
At a height of only 14 feet, ESTec's IntegraLine 150iH is the smallest Top Drive system in the world, and the only one that can fit into a double rig drilling system without penalty. The size and innovative design of ESTec's new drive system enables drilling contractors to increase productivity by as much as 25 percent, while dramatically reducing employee injury rates.

About ESTec Systems Corp.
ESTec Systems Corp. is an Edmonton-based public company with two operating subsidiaries: Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc., which delivers mechanical and forensic engineering services, and ESTec Oilfield Inc., which designs and manufactures innovative oilfield equipment. ESTec Oilfield has successfully developed and launched the smallest Top Drive system in the world, specifically designed for double or super single rigs. ESTec Systems trades on the TSX Venture Exchange, under the symbol ESE

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