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  Arrow 3 Media Release 13 March 2002

IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive drilling operation a success

ESTec Oilfield Inc., ESTec Systems Corp.'s manufacturing division, announces successful completion of the initial drilling operations of the first IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive delivered.

ESTec's customer reports that the IntegraLine has met all performance criteria. The driller's next use of the IntegraLine will include the 150iH's first horizontal drilling.

Additional top drive examples in this series of innovative designs are being manufactured at this time. ESTec Oilfield will inform you as information about the 4 top drives becomes available.

ESTec Oilfield is a subsidiary of ESTec Systems Corp. and was assisted in the construction and design processes for the 150iH by Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc., Estec's engineering subsidiary, and Argus Machine Co. Ltd. of Edmonton.

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