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  Arrow 3 Media Release 17 June 2002

ESTec Oilfield Presents Top Drive IntegraLine 150iH to 2002 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary

The Petroleum Show
On June 11-13, 2002, ESTec Oilfield presented its IntegraLine 150iH Top Drive at the 2002 Global Petroleum Show and the Petroleum Society's 53rd International Petroleum Conference, held in Calgary at the Stampede Grounds.

50,000 visitors and representatives of 1,300 companies attended both shows. Anthony B. Nelson, president of ESTec, Allan R.Nelson, ESTec's founder and head of Allan R. Nelson Engineering, Gary Hanke, sales manager of ESTec Oilfield, Bill Lloyd, Walter Lacika, and other representatives of ESTec Oilfield presented the Top Drive and answered questions. The star was the Top Drive, a full-size, working example of which was set up on the floor, and one of the show's most visible presentations.

Results for ESTec Oilfield
270 people picked up literature and view the new equipment. 35 represented overseas drilling and oil-producing personnel from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the U.S., and South America.17 of the companies expressing serious interested in the Top Drive, and we arranged for meetings immediately after the show with 5 potential clients. Results of the meetings between Gary Hanke and potential clients for IntegraLine150iH will be the focus of later press releases from ESTec Oilfield.

Big Drawing at the Big Show
We held a draw on the final day for a $500 prize, a Canadian Leduc #1 commemorative proof gold $100 coin. It was won by Mr. Orville C. Biberdorf of Sunwing Energy, Calgary, one of hundreds of visitors who filled out entry cards at our booth.

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